10 Questions for Your Hotline Vendor


Ask these 10 questions to evaluate whether your vendor is doing the right work to inform your team.

Whenever you look up reviews or ask for references, you’re relying on the experience and opinions of people who know that service well. Become your own subject matter expert on your hotline service with the questions below, no matter the vendor. Armed with these, you can save the day by getting the right work done for your team!

You know what it’s like. You do your research, have several discussions and demos with sales people, and choose the sales pitch that promises the most. In doing that, you evaluate features, capabilities, customization, clear information, etc. vs. price and hassle. But when you start receiving the service, all to often you get the real story – one where the sales person promised the moon then left you to fend for yourself.

A hotline and online reporting strategy is key to any best-in-class compliance program. Unfortunately, hard working and caring compliance teams get stuck all too often with an anonymous hotline that delivers on the bare minimum requirements to be called a hotline. Many times, a bad service is nothing more than a glorified voicemail service.

When you’re in this situation, you generally have two options. Potentially, you have plenty of staff and budget to fill in the gaps. In this case you and your team make up for poor service with hours spend on manual work, extra stress wondering if things are working, and that awkward shuffle in front of execs as you struggle to answer questions your vendor should have equipped you with. Alternatively, you get fed up at some point with unresponsiveness, double work, and unclear information. You jump into the fray and look for a replacement solution. You may know what is not working, or you may just know there must be a better way.

If you have a bunch of spare time (like nobody does!) you may go back through the research process of reading websites, contacting sales people, requesting information, compiling your findings, running a comparison across solutions. But if you’re like most people we work with, there’s always something more urgent – and you could use some help! Look no further. This concise guide gives you ten clear questions and explanations why they matter. With CL Insights’ “TOP 10 QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD BE ASKING YOUR HOTLINE PROVIDER” you’ll be able to easily get the right service to manage budget and beat ROI.

Look past the slick sales presentation and the confusing list of seemingly standard offerings. For example, every provider should be operating 24/7 – what else are they going to do to help you?

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