About Us

Established for the express purpose of providing organizations with an independent, cost effective alternative to the required reporting of compliance issues in the work environment, the mission of ComplianceLine™ has become; to be the standard “third party hotline” in the industry. Our services are praised by our clients, revered by our competitors, and leave our customers (the caller) feeling that they have been treated courteously, professionally, and with respect.

Utilizing the combined 35 plus years of experience, ComplianceLines’™ staff offers an affordable alternative to the development of an internal reporting process. In addition to fulfilling the Federal government’s guidelines, ComplianceLine™ provides an efficient and independent means of identifying and resolving employees’ concerns regarding potential misconduct.

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Our Services

ComplianceLine, Inc. offers many services to assist with your compliance efforts.

  1. ComplianceLine

    ComplianceLine™, a reliable, quality, reporting system integrate into your existing compliance program and supports your employees by providing a system to effectively voice concerns regarding potential misconduct on compliance concerns and other regulatory issues, free from fear of retribution, by assisting them with constructive independent means of identifying and resolving their concerns.

  2. My Compliance Management

    My Compliance Management is an affordable ethics and compliance case management application for compliance officers, case managers, and anyone involved in the investigation of possible unethical or questionable behavior.

    Add MyCM™ to your ComplianceLine™ service and maximize your productivity. MyCM™ allows you access to your reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location throughout the world. With MyCM™ you can conveniently run analytics, track report activity, provide responses, and view detailed company profile information. You can even incorporate your own custom internal reports to eliminate the need for multiple or separate filing systems.

  3. My Compliance Report

    My Compliance Report™ is a powerful online reporting service created to provide employees and individuals with the ability to report serious concerns or violations, whether suspected or confirmed, about the work environment, from anywhere at any time – 24/7/365.

    Add MyCR™ to your ComplianceLine™ services to offer the most comprehensive reporting available. Individuals may anonymously submit reports online via an encrypted and highly secured connection.

  4. SanctionCheck

    SanctionCheck is a premiere searchable database solution for meeting today’s ever evolving exclusion review process! SanctionCheck allows our clients to search for individuals or entities that have been sanctioned, disbarred or otherwise excluded from participation in federally funded health care programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location throughout the world.

Our Vision

An integral component of an effective compliance program is the establishment of a reporting mechanism that provides employees with a means by which to voice their concerns on compliance and other regulatory issues without fear of retribution. ComplianceLine™ works with organizations to developed a calling process to “keep the door open,” while maintaining the caller’s anonymity.

Our services help fulfill the requirement of establishing and monitoring a hotline reporting mechanism and provides a comprehensive way for callers to anonymously follow the progress of reported issues. Below are just a few of the objectives that we strive to exceed while achieving our goal of providing the industry standard in compliance reporting services.

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35Years Experience
520000Calls Processed
27115Severity Calls Handled
2903860Monthly Exclusion Searches

Brief History of Our Company

December, 1997

Launched ComplianceLine 24-hour call center in Charlotte, NC as a operating division of Compliance Concepts, Inc.

October, 1998

Launched SanctionCheck exclusion screening service for our health care clients.

March, 2002

Worked hand-in-hand with UPS to deliver C-LIVE, a 1st of its kind compliance case management application.

June, 2004

Launched MyComplianceReport.com, an online anonymous reporting avenue for employees.

December, 2010

Launched www.MyComplianceManagement.com, our 2nd generation online case management application for ComplianceLine customers.

July, 2013

ComplianceLine and SanctionCheck separated from Compliance Concepts, Inc. and became its own operating organization, ComplianceLine, Inc.