ComplianceLine Announces Dedicated ‘Crisis Line’ Service


Crisis Line On-Demand Service Provides Quick Response to Address Special Situations Such as #MeToo Allegations, Hurricane Level Disasters While Meeting Regulatory Needs


On-Demand Service Provides Quick Response to Address Special Situations Such as #MeToo Allegations, Hurricane Level Disasters While Meeting Regulatory Needs

ComplianceLine, the industry-leading ethics and compliance solutions provider, announced today it has recently launched a dedicated ‘Crisis Line’ Service as a quick response to address emergency requests from clients managing organizational and reputational challenges. The Crisis Line Service, which has already been adopted by leading universities, medical providers and multi-location corporations, provides an active response to unexpected incidents to safeguard people and clients.

“The Crisis Line gives us the ability to manage any level of call volume on extremely short notice for our clients,“ said Co-CEO and Chief Development Officer Giovanni Gallo. “Our Crisis Line service has been used to provide a coordinated, dynamic response to a #MeToo incident at a major university and to assist a national long-term care provider in helping families locate and confirm the safety of their loved ones during the California wildfires when police and fire departments were overwhelmed and unable to field inquiries.”

“A good example might well be this week’s Hurricane Florence,” Giovanni added. “Our Crisis Line service can provide an elevated and focused multi-media communications response to deal with a disaster like this, in addition to ComplianceLine’s standard hotline and transparency solutions.”

The Crisis Line service offers clients:
● On-demand flexible reporting and transparency solutions integrated into one platform to better comply with regulatory requirements;
● Crucial public-facing and company-directed crisis response and engagement;
● Rapid deployment of specialized intake strategies and customized issue- and location-based issue routing;
● Crucial protection of data privacy and (where needed) the anonymity of potentially-affected people or those involved in a crisis issue.

A major national long-term care provider used the ComplianceLine Crisis Line Service during the 2017 California Wildfires when their team was fully engaged in managing and communicating about resident safety. ComplianceLine was there to quickly get a Crisis Line service up and running to handle a flood of inquiries with a multi-media intake strategy. With a proper response, the client was able to publicly show their commitment to affected parties while putting family members at ease and triaging any safety concerns reported on the line.

“It is challenging and rewarding to see the Crisis Line and our other Third Party Hotline services help guide companies through ethics and compliance issues like sexual harassment where such behavior is not only deplorable but puts an organization at risk,” said Co-CEO and Chief Servant Nick Gallo, then added, “More importantly services like the Crisis Line give a voice and outlet for those who have had really terrible, scarring experiences at the hands of someone else with ‘power’. My brother Gio and I have a strong sense of justice because of the way we were raised and where our family came from, and it is really satisfying to make a difference and be part of an industry that fights for what’s right.”

“We have the resources to handle virtually any level of need for our clients,” Nick Gallo continued. “Depending on the circumstance we can provide the resources for additional call volumes, as well as develop intake strategies and specialized issue routing, help design and execute a social media response, create custom web-based intake portals, and myriad other ways to mitigate a spectrum of client concerns.”

About ComplianceLine
For over 20 years ComplianceLine has been the premier provider of ethics and compliance solutions by putting clients first and prioritizing their needs through selfless service. ComplianceLine’s continuous improvement culture and pursuit of quality over short term profit affords clients the industry’s best tools in assisting the identification of unethical, illegal and questionable behavior. The ComplianceLine team provides helpline and sanction screening services in 50,000 locations worldwide through highly trained, tenured, and caring compliance-minded professionals focused on improving the lives of our clients through excellent service. ComplianceLine clients include many of the largest healthcare and higher education organizations in the world.

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