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use video for compliance training

Use Video for Compliance Training

The way you present your compliance training content can make or break it’s effectiveness. Participants will gloss over the information without any retention effort if it’s not engaging. It’s easy to increase their retention by making the content more visually…
microlearning and ComplianceLine training

Microlearning and Flexible Compliance Training

Let’s be real, compliance training is notoriously linked with boredom. The traditional 30 or 60-minute PowerPoint presentation has worn down generations of employees, forcing eyeball after eyeball to glaze over. It’s a negative reputation that’s been years in the making,…

Make Your Compliance Training Relatable

Many compliance training courses miss the mark when it comes to relatable storytelling. They may present a lesson plan that is rife with useful information but they usually fail to grab the attention of participants. Without a clear narrative, there…