The Challenge

Regulations, company size, and a culture of accountability are growing faster than compliance department budgets. So to properly get the job done, compliance teams need the right tools. MyCM improves your ability to process and keep track of the growing work required. With a better handle on the work, you can focus appropriate resources on the issues and areas of highest potential impact.

The Solution

The MyCM compliance issue management system is highly configurable to fit with your existing compliance processes. It handles customization requirements (notifications, deadlines, team roles) and gives you both real-time and summary reports so you can do the right work, and do it right.

What You Get

A 24/7 hotline answered by a live person (instead of hold music/recording) that covers all the languages you need with a dedicated toll free number. Expert adaptive interviews that go beyond inadequate rote questions to provide key information about events and their related risks. Standardized fields for key and common information like location, categories, and more so you can track, report, and benchmark issues to support your success. All supported by ComplianceLine dedicated Quality Assurance, Account Manager, and service fit for actual people.


Service Excellence

Configured to serve your team. Specialized investigation fields, tailored deadlines, flexible document upload, and admin-friendly issue reviews. Your team’s workflows are easier on MyCM.



A single repository for all issues. Whether notified via hotline, online, inoffice, or email, all your issues are managed in one place so you can view, work, and follow up with clarity.


Peace Of Mind

Built -In best practices. Maximize your ROI with pre-loaded customizable reports combined with focused training and unwavering user support to set up, benchmark and improve your compliance.