Make reporting options available through your workforce’s smart devices and increase your report rate.

As smart device interactions are increasingly preferred, the Intelligent Intake App was engineered to function seamlessly with mobile devices.

Our Al-powered web app work on both mobile devices and in desktop browsers, meeting your work force wherever they are, According to this survey, sexual harassments issues could be dealt with more quickly if a reporting app was available.

Identify and address risks sooner by uncovering ACTIONABLE INFORMATION that carries more context, clarity, detail, and focus.

Intelligence that Uncovers
Critical Contextual Details

It’s not just about what users want to say, it’s about what you need to know. Not every reporter knows what information is significant to provide. Our digitized expert interviews uncover critical, often missed contextual details, by combining subject matter expertise in investigations and intelligence gathering with machine learning.

Ask the right question at the right time in the right order

Mobile, Desktop, & Integrations

Reports or follow-ups can be made via the mobile IIA in addition to using a computer. IIA can be integrated with your MyCM or with other case management dashboards, fueling your compliance program with better data and increasing ROI by supporting more effective data-driven decisions.