Identify and address employee concerns quickly and securely.
ComplianceLine™ supports compliance leaders by providing a system for employees to effectively voice concerns regarding potential misconduct around compliance concerns and other regulatory issues. With a constructive, independent means of identifying and resolving their concerns, employees can actively strengthen your compliance program, free from fear of retribution.

24-hour call center

Anonymous caller protection

Reporting and analytics


The industry standard.

Established in 1998, ComplianceLine is the industry standard in comprehensive compliance solutions. With 24-hour toll-free telephonic personal answering, reporting and tracking of compliance concerns, ComplianceLine provides clients with the industry’s best tools to assist in the identification of possible unethical, illegal, or questionable behavior.

  • 24/7/365 toll free call center
  • 24/7/365 toll free call center
  • Unique number assigned to every customer
  • No call queues ever used. Every call answered 
by LIVE operator
  • Customized greeting for your toll-free number

  • Customized directives to ensure each call is handled the way you want
  • Immediate notification, 24 hours a day, for severity situations
  • Online web reports for employees
  • Case, tracking and reporting, analytics

Anonymous Callers

Anonymous Whistleblower Hotline

It’s time for a professional solution.

Acting as a whistleblower involves serious consideration; an external hotline that inspires confidence and enables anonymous reporting is essential. An anonymous whistleblower hotline can protect the reporter’s identity to prevent them from being subject to discrimination, harassment, poor evaluation or even job termination as a result of their willingness to speak up. More importantly, it sends a message that leaders with power care to find out about issues and address them quickly and securely.

Sexual Harassment Hotline

Sexual harassment leads to misery for an employee, demoralizes your broader team, and ultimately leads to reputational damage and fines. Put formal procedures in place to ensure that your workplace or university sends a clear message that sexual harassment should be reported and will be addressed. 


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