The Challenge

You can’t fix what you don’t know about. Policies and training only start the job of making sure misbehavior isn’t harming your people, quality, reputation, and bottom line. ComplianceLine’s secure, thorough, and riskconscious hotline empowers your entire employee base to contribute to compliance progress.

The Solution

With the ability to submit reports of alleged wrongdoing 24/7 from any location in any of over 200 languages with the assurance of anonymity (where needed), a caring and custom configured intake process is essential. The important information your team needs to take action effectively and efficiently can only make an impact if you know about it.

What You Get

A 24/7 hotline answered by a live person (instead of hold music/recording) that covers all the languages you need with a dedicated toll free number. Expert adaptive interviews that go beyond inadequate rote questions to provide key information about events and their related risks. Standardized fields for key and common information like location, categories, and more so you can track, report, and benchmark issues to support your success. All supported by ComplianceLine dedicated Quality Assurance, Account Manager, and service fit for actual people.

Staff Providing Telephone Support

Service Excellence

Handle risky issues your way.
A hotline should support your goals by getting the information you need. You can request specific questions and tailored handling instructions to get it right.



Key info sent to the right people.
An adaptive risk interview goes beyond scripted questions which leave out key info and force your team to redo the interview. Take action faster with a good hotline.


Peace Of Mind

Never miss a key notification. Treating each issue the same risks losing an issue in the shuffle. 24/7 live, immediate notification and custom severity escalation let you rest assured your team knows what going on.