ComplianceLine has solutions for every industry.
 Helping healers, caretakers, and those who serve them to do no harm.
        • Professionally manage key elements of a compliance program as mandated by HHS
        • Industry-leading solutions and protection for HIPAA, downstream entities / BAA, OIG exclusions, and more
        • Dynamic and scalable software for centralized and distributed compliance teams – whether you’re managing a single location or thousands
        • Expert advice, deep experience, and tailored solutions to manage Conflicts of Interest, monitor Fraud Waste & Abuse, import and track patient incidents, and more

A multi-site specialty practice in ophthalmology realized that a piecemeal compliance approach that varied across locations was wasting administrative budget, keeping the compliance team in catch-up mode, and failing to identify problems in quality which were threatening patient care. They implemented a refreshed and professionally publicized awareness and reporting function with a live answer hotline and specialized online forms. The compliance committee and coordinators at each site were empowered with tools and visibility on a centralized case management platform (MyCM) that allowed people to get input and share best practices across geography. In addition to a fully automated exclusion and license monitoring program,  the compliance team is now wasting less time on triage and staying on top of issues. Excitingly, the team is now able to move the needle with key initiatives like employee Exit Interviews and Crisis Planning. In the end, the decision to take action and revamp their approach took longer than the implementation to fix it!


The world of healthcare is as complex as it is important. Caring people with the training and support necessary still fight everyday against illness, tight budgets, and regulatory requirements. A strong compliance program that only prevents regulatory enforcement and prepares a company well for eventual audits or lawsuits, it protects reimbursement, identifies keep patient and employee challenges, and ultimately supports the quality Care that everyone is working toward. Complianceline signs sweet of solutions built with Karen complianceline in mind enable you with powerful insights and efficient tools so you can get the right work done, see where are your challenges are, and take great care of your employees and patients all within your budget.

Scalable, highly configurable solutions for complex organizations


      • Robust configuration for multiple languages and offices around the world
      • Dynamic user management for all your team structures
      • Automated escalation and issue routing gets information reviewed and acted on faster
      • Strong privacy and security to address Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR, and other critical requirements
      • Responsive front-line service and comprehensive board-level reporting give everybody just what they need

A diversified International manufacturer with 200 locations in over 80 countries needed a way to track inconsistently follow-up on risks and reported issues around the world. ComplianceLine helped them audit and assess the right level of oversight and central office integration for each location and implement a multi-platform anonymous reporting structure that fit their budget and their risk priorities. The company was concerned that a transition and consolidation of their compliance reporting would be disruptive to the business so they had been slow take action and upgrade to a single solution. With ComplianceLine expertise and advice they were able to successfully roll out an awareness campaign, case management coordinators, and sanction check across all their locations in less than one quarter.  With this, not only were they better positioned to earn contracts with highly regulated and government customers, their leadership gained a new confidence that business was being conducted ethically and employees were treated properly across their hundreds of locations.


As your business grows so does the complexity of managing compliance across thousands of employees, but the potential for damaging risks to go undetected rises as well. To address the challenges of a large and growing enterprise you need a compliance platform that can scale to address your needs, as well as a partner with the experience and expertise to help you get the most out of it. With ComplianceLine’s decades of serving millions of employees, we are particularly helpful in addressing (rather than adding to the complexities of) a diversified enterprise. From support for multiple languages and integration across information systems to strategic advice and executive-ready reports, ComplianceLine offers the flexibility to configure to your needs and the clarity to deliver ROI and make things easier on your team.

Promoting a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff
      • Segment issues by department or integrate and centralize across every campus
      • Comprehensive receipt and management of issue intake from any device
      • Immediate notification to department, campus, or other authorities for severe issues
      • Convey a proactive commitment to positive culture to your students, parents, alumni and the public
      • Professional Awareness Campaigns and dedicated Issue Management programs help you focus attention and participation on key issues like sexual harassment and mental health
      • Retain a secure record of proper follow up on reports as evidence of custodial integrity
      • Crisis Line Service is available to prepare for and manage large-scale potential disruptions campus life and institutional reputation

A college with several campuses had struggled gain buy-in and cooperation across geography and departments within the school. With siloed budgets and concerns about shared oversight, the school remained subject to a lack of visibility that was potentially putting students at risk. Starting with a small group of departments dedicated to collaboration and transparency, ComplianceLine was able to help the college gain buy-in from other departments (and eventually even other campuses) with the attractive promise of volume discounts that helped individual budgets while streamlining administration. An exciting benefit came as cultural and compliance leaders began to discuss common problems and share useful solutions with each other. Departments are now discussing a cross-campus initiative to give students a more proactive voice in addressing anxiety and mental health as the collaborative effort moves their culture past defensive rule checking to a proactive and positive impact.


Your institution is more than a place for teaching, research, and diplomas. It’s a nexus of culture, progress, and lifelong learning. The dynamic importance of educational institutions in an individual’s life, as well as our collective society, demands the highest levels of transparency and accountability. That said, every campus deals with challenges around budget priorities, siloed oversight, and the volatility inherent in a diverse and open environment. ComplianceLine’s suite of compliance services can help you gain visibility into what the biggest issues are on your campus, and clarity on what to do about it – regardless of whether you’re running a single department or advising the Board of Trustees.

Powerful transparency for banking, advisors, and fintech
      • Secure, dynamic solutions to support KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and other compliance initiatives
      • Empower everyone at your institution to identify and help correct potentially corrupt cractices or improper sales behavior
      • Gain executive- and board-level visibility into field & branch activity
      • Drive a culture of integrity and transparency to protect the long-term strength of your reputation with clients, partners, and the public
      • Specialized checks against OIG and other key blacklists for advisors and vendors

An executive team initiated a compliance review after seeing their competitor in the headlines. They found that while they had adopted a well-known provider in the compliance space, the solution was poorly implemented, too expensive, and so disjointed their compliance team was buried in administrative work rather than being able to focus on protecting the company. ComplianceLine was able to transfer their existing reporting channels (toll free numbers, etc.), build automated workflows into their issue management system, and advise the team on important benchmarks and practices. Within a few months, they successfully implemented a strategic improvement plan for compliance across their company and have more confidence their vendor is acting as a partner to bolster and protect the trust of their clients.


Whether you’re most concerned about staying within SEC and FINRA guidelines or protecting the reputation that built trust with clients whose money you manage, you know that misbehavior from a single individual can damage your entire organization. A wise investment in a properly scoped and professionally managed compliance transparency program can make the difference between an internal review and a public hearing followed by an expensive settlement.

Expert transparency for local governments / offices, regulators, and contractors
      • Hotline, online, and mobile reporting for employees or citizens/broader populations
      • Detailed and automatic screening for violations and sanctions.
      • Built to address specialized requirements, an integrated system drives smooth contracting and appropriate budget management
      • Specialized issue routing and convenient reporting support visibility and collaboration across divisions

A County Government had accepted whistleblower reportS directly to their office and thought their low volume of reports indicated a lack of problems. An honest disclosure from an employee raised leadership’s awareness that the lack of anonymity controls provided by a third-party provider led everyone to believe that reports wouldn’t be acted on. By adopting a comprehensive transparency solution with ComplianceLine, the County was able to deliver a fresh message about their commitment to transparency as well as gain newfound visibility into some things that weren’t working. They actually saved some of their budget by reallocating resources after adopting a more efficient reporting process, and identified several vendors who were not in compliance through the adoption of SanctionCheck.


Governments, regulators, and contractors deal with the same ethics and HR challenges that any organization does, but also with the added standards and scrutiny appropriate for the important work they conduct. By partnering with the experts at ComplianceLine, you can be sure that you have an appropriately scoped solution that’s supported by thoughtful and caring compliance professionals. With that in place, you can take care of your people and focus on the core of your purpose.

Big company solutions delivered with the care of small business.
      • Easily launch and manage a compliance transparency program without costly consultants.
      • Rest assured that your people will be treated right and you will know when something concerning is reported
      • Flexible service levels allow you to leverage best-in-class technology and choose how much expert support you need
      • Fast, low hassle implementation and flexibility to adapt as you grow

A regional IT services provider with four locations had grown beyond the stage where it was okay to expect that all problems were handled properly at the frontline manager level. The owners and executive leaders had the same heart they always had, but realized they were several layers removed from the bulk of customer interactions. They still knew they were not at the scale where they can support a full-time 10-person compliance team to manage the different aspects of a professional compliance and ethics program. They found that ComplianceLine could help them keep the heart and culture that had made them successful so far without blowing their budget on a solution meant for a larger enterprise – without stifling their creativity with unreasonably restrictive rules. With an integrated issue reporting, compliance management software, and sanction screening solution they were able to send strong cultural messages about the importance of proper behavior as well as implement some processes that made it easier to pass a policy and ethics review with the larger clients they had been pursuing.


You compete with larger organizations for business and when on service, innovation, and a heart to care about your people and clients. As you’ve grown from a small Team all working in the same room you fight every year to make sure you don’t turn into A cold bureaucracy. To make sure your people and customers continue to be treated the way you want them to, you need a compliance solution that uncovers in addresses improper Behavior without burying your team in administrative work or costly all-in-one and everyone’s the same Solutions. compliance lines approach 2 midsize businesses allows you to quickly and efficiently leverage our Decades of experience with millions of employees so you can get what you need without losing sight of your real goal: Your people and your customers!

Robust and easy solutions for mission-driven organizations.
      • Easily launch and manage a compliance transparency program without costly consultants
      • Rest assured that your people will be treated right and you will know when something concerning is reported.
      • Flexible service levels that allow you to leverage best-in-class technology and choose how much expert support you need. 
      • Fast, low hassle implementation and flexibility to adapt as you grow.

A metropolitan aid foundation had grown passionately and efficiently to serve people struggling through poverty, joblessness, and mental health. They always prided themselves on the large impact they were able to support with a relatively small team. A very personal story of a family who was mistreated by a volunteer hit home and woke them up to the need for a more proper compliance program. It turns out, not everybody they worked with was as caring and professional as their team. They found ComplianceLine who had worked with hundreds of organizations with similar problems and were able to overlay a system of reporting and transparency that helps them keep their mission on track – the people they serve safer.


You fight everyday to make the world better and to help people work past systemic, personal, and social roadblocks in their lives. But you know that it takes more than a desire to help in order to make a difference. Complex problems, managing employees and volunteers, limited budgets, and more mean you and your team need to do things right to achieve your mission. ComplianceLine can help you understand what might be getting off track and help you get visibility on the right way to address it. We at ComplianceLine live out our mission to make the world a better workplace by empowering caring leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to protect their people and keep their organization on track. As part of that, we’ve built our solutions so they makes sense for small and large organizations who need to protect and promote a proper culture while preserving as much of their budget as possible for the people they serve.

ComplianceLine has solutions for every industry.