Secure, cost-effective solutions focused on the right risks

  • Hotline, online, and mobile reporting for employees or citizens/broader populations
  • Detailed and automatic screening for violations and sanctions.
  • Built to address specialized requirements, an integrated system drives smooth contracting and appropriate budget management
  • Specialized issue routing and convenient reporting support visibility and collaboration across divisions

Full coverage compliance with built-in best practices for governments and NGOs

Start with a foundation of Issue Intake & Case Management to accept and compile reports of risks and compliance issues across hotline, online, in-office, and even text messaging.

Integrate OIG sanction screening, international sanction lists, and VendorCheck services to make sure tax dollars are spent with the right partners. Then look for new frontiers of compliance excellence with Awareness Campaigns to build engagement with employees, and Disclosures forms to pinpoint key risk areas. Finally, count on ComplianceLine for employee Training & Communication and Specialty Solutions for Inclusivity initiatives, and CrisisLine Response coverage.

Governments, regulators, and contractors deal with the same ethics and HR challenges that any organization does, but also with the added standards and scrutiny appropriate for the important work they conduct. By partnering with the experts at ComplianceLine, you can be sure that you have an appropriately scoped solution that’s supported by thoughtful and caring compliance professionals. With that in place, you can take care of your people and focus on the core of your purpose.

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