A higher standard of professional compliance for higher education

  • Segment issues by department or integrate and centralize across every campus
  • Comprehensive receipt and management of issue intake from any device
  • Immediate notification to department, campus, or other authorities for severe issues
  • Convey a proactive commitment to positive culture to your students, parents, alumni and the public
  • Professional Awareness Campaigns and dedicated Issue Management programs help you focus attention and participation on key issues like sexual harassment and mental health
  • Retain a secure record of proper follow up on reports as evidence of custodial integrity
  • Crisis Line Service is available to prepare for and manage large-scale potential disruptions campus life and institutional reputation

Protecting students, trustees, and your school’s place as a beacon of intellect

Start with a foundation of Issue Intake & Case Management to accept and compile reports of risks and compliance issues from students, faculty, and staff across hotline, online, in-office, and even text messaging.

Integrate sanction screening and VendorCheck services to make sure your partners don’t bring new risks to your doorstep. Then look for new frontiers of compliance excellence with Awareness Campaigns to build engagement with staff, and #MeToo solutions to address campus sexual harassment. Finally, look to ComplianceLine for staff Training and Specialty Solutions for Inclusivity initiatives and CrisisLine Response coverage.

Your institution is more than a place for teaching, research, and diplomas. It’s a nexus of culture, progress, and lifelong learning. The dynamic importance of educational institutions in an individual’s life, as well as our collective society, demands the highest levels of transparency and accountability. That said, every campus deals with challenges around budget priorities, siloed oversight, and the volatility inherent in a diverse and open environment. ComplianceLine’s suite of compliance services can help you gain visibility into what the biggest issues are on your campus, and clarity on what to do about it – regardless of whether you’re running a single department or advising the Board of Trustees.

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