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Make it easy for employees with direct knowledge of key interactions or known incidents to inform you of what matters so you can take action

You know there is a big gap between what you know and what you need to know to ensure a fully compliant organization.

The essential compliance elements of yesterday like policies, annual training, and voluntary reporting are not enough to manage the complexity, diversity, and ever-swelling regulatory demands that make compliance professionals a key strategic force for your company. Since you can only fix a known problem, proactively engage employees in a simple Incident Reporting process to clarify a comprehensive view of internal risks and prioritize action on potentially damaging incidents.

  • Easily create, schedule, request, collaborate, and report on incident compliance information you need, all within a single platform.
  • User friendly settings make all your forms easily managed by one person, or seamlessly synchronized across a collaborative team.
  • Launch templates from our library based on best practices or customize fields, recipients, messaging and follow up with precision.

5 Ways to #StrongerCompliance with Incident Reporting

Save time and focus on what you do best

Empowered by your employees

  • Make it easy for employees with the directly knowledge you need to bolster compliance from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Join forces with managers, subject matter experts, and front line staff to improve the information your compliance team runs on
  • Reinforce and remind about key risk areas and requirements with a low-friction Incident Report Request

Regulatory and policy compliance

  • When federal regulators or your internal policies and best practices require disclosure to internal or external parties, Incident Reporting gets you compliant faster
  • Manage to and meet reporting deadlines and issue detail requirements without unreliable and hard-to-audit paper and email half measures
  • Demonstrate improvement, robust processes, and auditable history to minimize your risk of fines and enforcement

Drive better engagement by automating the process

Proactively protect your organization against risk

Surprising clarity

  • Rest assured that you’re taking the right steps to reveal incidents and potential issues
  • Make budget, strategic, and staff/responsibility decisions with clearer information about how to improve your issue management
  • Leverage insightful, easily generated analytics to track improvement, benchmark incident rates, and set strategic compliance goals

Proactive and always vigilant

  • Directly solicit essential compliance and risk information from your employees to learn valuable information you need to protect your organization
  • Maintain dynamic focus on compliance, regulatory, and quality issues through real-time updates from your employee base
  • Schedule repeat inquiries, track performance, and investigate issues sourced via Incident Reporting without constant administrative drain

Drive better engagement by automating the process

Proactively protect your organization against risk

Easily launch, modify, and monitor

  • Select pre-built templates and launch a professional compliance incident campaign in days instead of months
  • Track reply rates, summarize key trends, and gain thoughtful insight with expansive fields and investigation notes without waiting for bothersome custom development
  • Review robust analytics on completion, data consistency, and budget effectiveness to gracefully improve your effectiveness

Powerfully specificity

  • Track detail down to the response level to collate analytics by department, position, severity, incident type, location, and more
  • Require both structured and free form replies via data-rich Incident Reporting to power reports and follow up investigations
  • Identify employee resistance or non-compliance and deliver culture-reinforcing communication during and after the process

Drive better engagement by automating the process

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