An Authentic Contributor to Cultural Progress within the HR Department and with Every Employee.

The most powerful HR Information System can’t tell you what employees see, want, and think. Leverage our experience with millions of cases to conduct comprehensive or focused campaigns so your ‘greatest asset’ can contribute to your greatest impact.
  • Stay on track with all your employee responses by campaign, department, and priority so nothing gets lost
  • Human-centric workflows automate repeated tasks to reduce time and make employees feel heard
  • Advanced analytics and insightful benchmarking drives improved decision making that propels your strategic impact.

By lowering barriers to employee engagement you open an authentic conversation to drive HR strategy with data.

  • Effortlessly compile responses from in-person, phone, and digital engagement channels
  • Your anonymous 24/7 Helpline with a unique adaptive interview is always live and never outsourced
  • Scalable and automated proactive engagement campaigns around key cultural initiatives build trust and reinforce your culture
  • Automation algorithms molded to your team and built for cross-functional collaboration complete routine tasks without human intervention or error
  • Analytics for trends, risks, and benchmarking both automated and on-demand make agile HR management a reality

Harness the Genius of Your Employee Base

Minimize learning curves

It Feels Like Your Own Because it’s as Dynamic as You Are

Automated workflows save time and reduce errors. Unlimited configuration lets you stay out of the box and minimizes learning curves. Transparency and accountability across locations and departments keeps the top issues top of mind. Magnified by experienced analysts and next-generation automation, transformational expertise is at your disposal.

Give Employees a Voice, and Let Them Know They’re Heard

Fight against mistrust, disengagement, and turnover with thoughtful interaction and culture-promoting messages. Enlist the most informed, caring, and influential members of your team to collaborate with HR through more frictionless communication. Turn corporate open-door policies and cultural priorities into authentic conversations that lead to real transformation. Offer professional, empathetic, and dynamic reporting channels that amplify HR’s strategic priorities through multi-channel reinforcement.

Offer dynamic reporting channels

Reports that reflect value-driven collaboration

Satisfy Board Requests and Advise Your Executive Teams

Board-ready reports at your fingertips transform reporting cycles from administrative fire drills into value-driven collaboration. With better information and efficiently automated processes, HR becomes a strategic point of leverage for business execution and mission success. With all-inclusive support, expert advice, and the lowest barriers to engagement in the industry, you can demonstrate clear ROI while building the case for effective growth.

Don’t Let Your Most Valuable Initiatives Get Lost in the Shuffle

Categorize issues and request specific validated information based on adaptive algorithms to gain powerful clarity, collaborate, successfully transform strategic elements of your culture and improve productivity. Launch focused and robust campaigns to discover and address workforce priorities like diversity and inclusion, safety, innovation, and employee engagement. Proactively request information, collaboration, and employee concerns online, offline, and anytime.

Gain powerful clarity and improve productivity

Summarize, investigate, and analyze

Your Employees have Insights into Your Company They Expect You to Learn

Powerfully summarize, investigate, and analyze information contributed by engaged employees, frustrated team members, responsible managers, and your empowered HR team with advanced analytics. Stop relying on gut reactions and anecdotes to drive where you spend your time and budget. Get automated, ad hoc, and custom reports from a single source of truth for all your employee issues. You can’t wait for a care-less vendor to care about the data you need. Join with a true extension of your team focused on serving your needs and your success by maximizing your visibility into the data you rely on.

Helping in Every Way We Can