Secure web reports that work the way you want them to.

  • Customize the look, messages, and categories to fit your goals and culture
  • Secure third-party site allows anonymous reporting with full case management integration
  • Flexible fields, with open-ended questions for detailed info and structured questions for intelligence and trend reporting
  • Intelligent, adaptive questions integrate best practices and focus the reporter
  • Holds your updated lists of locations, employees, and categories for clean, accurate data

Powerful reporting from desk, tablet, or mobile.

Fully integrated to support your most important work

  • Personalize messaging, logos, and more to convey your unique compliance culture
  • Load up your locations, categories, and more for powerfully integrated analytics
  • Leverage our best in class case management system, or leverage a direct integration into your legacy one

A true extension of your team

Our team has the lowest turnover in the industry

Third party security gets better information

  • Secure web forms allow for anonymous reporting and never track unwanted information
  • Access more useful and concerning issues when reporters feel safe
  • Dynamic standards for localized data security requirements like GDPR

Dynamic, intelligent forms get more done

  • Support for all your language options
  • Intelligent direct questions based on report information, like selected category
  • Highly configurable fields to augment your most pressing risk management efforts

We simplify the intake process

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