My Compliance Management™
Ethics and Compliance Case Management

My Compliance Management is an affordable ethics and compliance case management application for compliance officers, case managers, and anyone involved in the investigation of possible unethical or questionable behavior.

Add MyCM™ to your ComplianceLine™ service and maximize your productivity. MyCM™ allows you access to your reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location throughout the world. With MyCM™ you can conveniently run analytics, track report activity, provide responses, and view detailed company profile information. You can even incorporate your own custom internal reports to eliminate the need for multiple or separate filing systems.

MyCM Features

24/7/365 Global Access

Robust Report Analytics

Instant Response Capability

Trending & Tracking of Report Activity

Create Detailed Company Profiles

Custom Report Integration

Create Access for Multiple Admins & Users

Powerful Search & Data Tracking Tools

Integrate + Manage + Track + Respond

Expand User and Admin account management with MyCM™ and the advanced account preferences it provides. MyCM™ allows multiple admins or users to integrate or isolate files, and access privileges to filing databases. Increase productivity by expanding your capability to integrate, manage, track, and respond to your compliance needs.

Compliance Case Management Applications – The Better Way to Manage Your Compliance Program and Mitigate Risks

As organizations across the world expand, they are exposed to increased risks to their reputation from increasingly focused public scrutiny new ethics and compliance standards. Compliance professionals need to closely examine their resources and budget more than ever before. ComplianceLines’ case management application, MyComplianceManagement (MyCM), offers improved visibility into control effectiveness and timely issue remediation. Increasing demands (and ever-tighter budgets) on compliance departments makes adopting a Compliance Management Application a critical decision to simplify and strengthen compliance efforts to manage regulations, safety, and quality across the organization. ComplianceLine’s compliance case management application’s common framework helps manage a wide range of compliance requirements in an integrated manner. Clients who ask their colleagues or view a demo realize that MyCM offers a better alternative to compliance case management.

Regulatory and legal reporting requirements are more important now than ever. Accountability and transparency can save the company from penalties and fines and also can significantly protect your brand image from irreparable damage. Once a cutting edge tool for trailblazers in high risk industries like Healthcare, Finance, and Higher Education, adopting a compliance case management application is becoming increasingly imperative for every organization to implement. By having systems to manage complex regulatory requirements and ensure compliance processes are being completed frees the compliance team up from administrative work to focus on caring for people and culture.

MyComplianceManagement.com, ComplianceLine’s affordable and easy-to-implement compliance management application, helps compliance officers, case managers, and anyone involved in the investigation of possible unethical or questionable behavior to add value to their organization by mitigating those risks. To address your specific compliance needs, features can function as stand-alone solutions for an individual department, then integrate into reporting and oversight for a centralized Compliance Officer, CEO, or Board of Directors review. Key solutions include: document control, training management, audits management, compliance risk management, permits management, incident and injury reporting, nonconformance and defects management, and customer complaints.

If your team is spending more time than you’d like on managing issues through disjointed spreadsheets, or if your processes are driven by the shackles of an outdated and cumbersome system then sign up today at www.complianceline.com/sign-up or contact ComplianceLine at sales@complianceline.com.

Expand your access and capabilities to save time and much more!

Add-on Services

My Compliance Report

My Compliance Report™ is a powerful online reporting service created to provide employees and individuals with the ability to report serious concerns or violations, whether suspected or confirmed, about the work environment, from anywhere at any time – 24/7/365.

Add MyCR™ to your ComplianceLine™ services to offer the most comprehensive reporting available. Individuals may anonymously submit reports online via an encrypted and highly secured connection.


A reliable, quality, reporting system is integral in providing an effective compliance program. ComplianceLine™ supports employees by providing a system to effectively voice concerns regarding potential misconduct on compliance concerns and other regulatory issues, free from fear of retribution, by assisting them with constructive independent means of identifying and resolving their concerns.

ComplianceLine™ services tailor the calling process to “keep the door open” while maintaining the anonymity throughout the call back process. ( *All callers may elect to remain anonymous. )