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3 Reasons Why Whistleblowing is Important for Public and Private Companies

History is littered with accounts of whistleblowing from Julian Assange (Wikileaks), Mark Felt (Watergate) to Sherron Watkins (Enron). Although the majority of whistleblower cases do not result in the extreme outcomes and reaction as these examples, the role of whistleblowers is still very important as it can bring to light criminal activities which result in

What You Need to Know About the Changes in the Australian Whistleblowing law

The 1st of July 2019 marked the day where Australia put into affect the changes to its whistleblowing laws. Public and Large private organizations have until 1st January 2020 to take action to comply with the laws. The amendments make several changes and affect a number of stakeholders. Below are 5 ways in which the

Compliance Challenges in the Face of Human Self-Interest, Part 1

Contributed by: William McSpadden, Risk Specialist I have always been a “big picture” thinker, compulsively envisioning how something fits into patterns and systems. Therefore, when I started to work in compliance, one of the biggest questions I asked was how do compliance and ethics programs fit in the big picture? One of the largest questions

Why ComplianceLine C.A.R.E.S.

Contributed by: Nick Gallo, ComplianceLine Co-CEO and Chief Servant Since the mid-90s, ComplianceLine has helped organizations execute their compliance initiatives and programs by establishing true partnerships and focusing on the long-term. Today, our mission – “Empowering caring leaders with actionable information to manage risk, reinforce culture, and improve their organizations.” –  is the path we

13 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Their Anonymous Hotline

Regardless of your industry, we believe if you care about your people you want to make sure they’re treated fairly and behave properly. That said, if you are more than one management layer removed from the ‘front lines’ then a secure and high-quality anonymous reporting hotline is essential.  A properly scoped, implemented, and managed hotline

What is an effective compliance program?

Contributed by: Justin Muscolino, Head of Compliance Training, North America – GRC Solutions An effective compliance program is obviously important to have. But to put a proper program into effect, you need to understand what one should look like. Most people only want to do what the regulators want and not what’s best for their

Regency Integrated Health Services Advances Anonymous Hotline

Regency Integrated Health Services is a dependable and trustworthy management company for 57 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers across Texas. Regency Integrated Health Services wanted people speaking up to be able to report 24/7/365 and retain their anonymity so people felt more secure in their privacy. From a management standpoint, they needed to be alerted immediately

Trinity Health Advances Their Exclusion Checking Process

Trinity Health is a nonprofit, integrated healthcare system serving northwest/central North Dakota and Eastern Montana. Trinity Health needed to be able to do exclusion checking but knew they couldn’t do it properly in-house since they only had 2 people in the compliance department. They looked at many options, including solutions from the large vendors but

Integrated Compliance Reporting

Gain the information, control and effectiveness you need to guide your compliance program to success. Click here to download your datasheet.

Case Management Software

MyCM enables coordination across your team to manage all your issues clearly. View more information here.

Web Reporting

MyComplianceReport allows customized reporting across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. View more information here…

Hotline Incident Reporting

ComplianceLine’s HelpLine, a professional 24/7 anonymous hotline, is a critical component of any compliance program. View detailed information here.


Your key questions about the EU’s data protection regulation. View the FAQ here…

ComplianceLine’s Co-CEO Giovanni Gallo Quoted in Business News Daily

“Some small businesses, like Charlotte-based ComplianceLine, focus on career development and skill training in addition to compensation as a way to provide value to employees and boost retention. Co-CEO Giovanni Gallo said employee recruitment and retention has become just as important to focus on as client development (indeed, the former improves the latter).” Read the full

ComplianceLine to Exhibit at the 18th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute 2019

The Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute features educational and networking opportunities and ComplianceLine will showcase the latest products and services to support compliance professionals. ComplianceLine will be located at Booth # 338 CHARLOTTE, N.C.  September 11, 2019 ComplianceLine, the premier provider of ethics and compliance solutions for over 20 years, announced today that it will be

ComplianceLine Executives Lead Delegation to 23RD Annual HCCA Compliance Institute Conference

ComplianceLine announced today that they will be exhibiting at the Health Care Compliance Association’s 23rd annual Compliance Institute being held April 7-9, 2019 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA at booth #710. CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PRWEB) MARCH 26, 2019 ComplianceLine, an industry-leading provider of software amplified by expert services so caring leaders can know

ComplianceLine Announces Dedicated ‘Crisis Line’ Service

Crisis Line On-Demand Service Provides Quick Response to Address Special Situations Such as #MeToo Allegations, Hurricane Level Disasters While Meeting Regulatory Needs CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 On-Demand Service Provides Quick Response to Address Special Situations Such as #MeToo Allegations, Hurricane Level Disasters While Meeting Regulatory Needs ComplianceLine, the industry-leading ethics and compliance solutions

ComplianceLine Announces New, Upgraded SanctionCheck Product for ‘Supercharged’ Background Checks

Enhances Database Accuracy, Efficiency for High Risk Clients in Healthcare and Education Sectors ComplianceLine, the industry leading ethics and compliance solutions provider, today announced an important upgrade to its SanctionCheck exclusion screening service for institutional healthcare and education providers and vendors. The upgrade, SanctionCheck 5.0, is designed to enable clients to access sanction databases for

Press Release: ComplianceLine, Inc.

We wanted to make you aware of a change in our organization that you will soon see reflected in all future communications. For the past 15+ years, ComplianceLine and SanctionCheck have operated as divisions of Compliance Concepts, Inc. However…as of September 1, 2013, ComplianceLine and SanctionCheck will begin operating as separate service lines within a

Episode 5 – A Very Compliant Christmas

Click here to view this podcast (GoToStage registration required), or read the transcript below. Amanda Hosenfeld Hi, Happy Thursday. Welcome to ComplianceLive. I’m Amanda Hosenfeld. Cailyn Gombka I’m Caitlin Gombka. Amanda Hosenfeld And we have a really great show for you. We are going to start off with a couple of announcements..some really cool news

What Does Your Reporting Rate Say About Your Company?

When you consider your company’s rate of reports compared to relevant benchmarks, you can assess whether you’re adequately furnishing and promoting methods for employees to report and resolve threats at work. Click here to download this white paper.

Top Ten Questions You Should be Asking Your Hotline Provider

Whenever you look up reviews or ask for references, you’re relying on the experience and opinions of people who know that service well. Become your own subject matter expert on your hotline service with the questions below, no matter the vendor. Armed with these, you can save the day by getting the right work done