Guarantee your protection with faster, more accurate screening.
Your One-Stop Solution for Exclusion Screening: SanctionCheck.
Save time, save money and protect your business with ComplianceLine’s range of SanctionCheck services. A comprehensive and detailed exclusion check can guarantee you take the right steps to protect your patients, your reimbursement, and your reputation.

24/7 search functionality

Individual or batch searches

Statistical analysis reports


Exclusion review simplified.

SanctionCheck is a powerful, comprehensive solution for compliance officers, human resource managers, and anyone involved in the exclusion review process. SanctionCheck allows searches for individuals or entities that have been sanctioned, disbarred or otherwise excluded from participation in federally funded health care programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location throughout the world.

An easy solution to complex problems.

Providers need to routinely (monthly) check an exclusion screening database to ensure that new hires and current employees are not putting you at risk of civil monetary penalties. 

At ComplianceLine we provide an easy and inexpensive solution to the complex problems associated with screening and verifying that none of your employees have been excluded from the OIG, SAM, or other exclusion lists. All you have to do is identify who must be screened and provide some basic information on each, and we can conduct the entire process on your behalf (SancitonCheck Full Service) and clear your list each month!

Over 100 Data Sources

Department of Commerce, Defense, Justice, and State

Food and Drug Administration

Office of Diversion Control

Office of Inspector General

Office of Research Integrity 

System for Award Management 

U.S. Treasury 

US Department of Health and Human Services 

Medicare Opt-Out Lists

State Medicaid Lists

* This is an abbreviated list of the SanctionCheck data sources.

 Contact us for a complete list.

  • Individual or batch searches

  • Generate statistical analysis reports
  • View contacts form the agency imposing exclusion
  • View historical data for batch searches
  • Robust search engine for finding exclusions

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