SanctionCheck Update

We have added several state Medicaid databases and some additional federal databases. As many of you know, not all of the states have Medicaid databases available, but more and more states are adding them. If you are located in a couple of states, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you are required to check your state Medicaid database. We believe it is good to be proactive and at least check the state your facility or facilities are located in.

When we add more databases, we will do our best to make you aware of these updates. We are happy to provide pricing and answer any questions you may have.

If you have questions or would like to add databases to your searches, please contact:

Jenelle Stone
Sales Manager
(800) 617-0415 Ext. 2206

SanctionCheck Data Sources Available:

[Government Sources]

  1. Department of Commerce Denied Persons
  2. Department of Commerce Entity List (eCFR)
  3. Department of Commerce Unverified List
  4. Department of State Administratively Debarred
  5. Department of State Debarment List
  6. FDA Debarment Lists
  7. FDA List for Clinical Investigators
  8. FDA Warning Letters
  9. HEAL Defaulted Borrowers
  10. Lists of Parties Debarred for AECA Convictions
  11. Office of Diversion Control Admin Actions Against Doctors
  12. Office of Diversion Control Cases Against Doctors
  13. Office of Inspector General
  14. PHS Administrative Action Report
  15. System for Award Management (Formerly GSA/EPLS)
  16. U.S. Treasury – SDN & Blocked Persons (OFAC)
  17. TRICARE Sanctions

[State Sources]

  1. Alabama Suspended Providers
  2. Alaska Excluded Provider List
  3. Arizona Excluded Providers List
  4. Arkansas Medicaid Sanctions
  5. Arkansas Finance/Administration Debarred Vendors
  6. Arkansas License Actions
  7. California Suspended Provider List Med-Cal
  8. Connecticut Administrative Actions List Medicaid
  9. District of Columbia Excluded Parties List
  10. Florida Final Order and Emergency Action
  11. Florida Health Care Medicaid Sanctions
  12. Florida Providers No Longer Licensed
  13. Hawaii Providers Exclusion List
  14. Idaho Provider Exclusion List
  15. Idaho Providers Opt Out of Medicare
  16. Illinois Healthcare Family Services OIG
  17. Kansas State Board Actions
  18. Kentucky Medicaid Excluded Providers List
  19. Louisiana Public Exclusions
  20. Maine List of Excluded Individuals/Entities
  21. Maryland Sanctioned List
  22. Massachusetts Nursing Disciplinary Actions
  23. Massachusetts Physicians Disciplinary Action
  24. Massachusetts Suspended or Excluded Providers
  25. Michigan Sanctioned Providers List
  26. Minnesota Opt Out List
  27. Minnesota Suspended/Debarred List
  28. Mississippi Medicaid Sanctioned List
  29. Missouri Medicaid Terminations List
  30. Nebraska Medicaid Excluded Providers List
  31. Nevada Excluded/Sanctioned Providers
  32. New Jersey Consolidated Debarment List
  33. New York Medicaid Terminations and Exclusions
  34. New York Physician Misconduct and Discipline
  35. North Carolina Excluded Provider List
  36. North Dakota Provider Exclusion List
  37. North Dakota Suspended/Debarred Vendors
  38. North Dakota and South Dakota Opt Out Providers
  39. Ohio Medicaid Provider Exclusion List
  40. Pennsylvania HAP Disciplinary Action List
  41. Pennsylvania Medicheck Precluded Providers List
  42. Rhode Island Physician Disciplinary Actions
  43. South Carolina Excluded Providers List
  44. Tennessee Disciplinary Actions
  45. Tennessee Sex Offenders Registry
  46. Tennessee Terminated Provider List
  47. Texas Exclusions Database
  48. Washington Provider Termination and Exclusion List
  49. West Virginia Medicaid Provider Exclusions List
  50. Wisconsin Ineligible Vendor List
  51. Wyoming Provider Exclusion List


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