Employee, Vendor and Physician Screening

ComplianceLine™, a leading provider of compliance hotline services, now offers SanctionCheck an online searchable database for compliance officers, human resource managers, and anyone involved in the exclusion review process. SanctionCheck allows our clients to search for individuals or entities that have been sanctioned, disbarred or otherwise excluded from participation in federally funded health care programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location throughout the world.

SanctionCheck is a valuable tool used in many organizations’ exclusion review process. Due to recent statutory enactments, that have expanded the OIG’s (Office of Inspector General’s) authority to exclude individuals and entities from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, and other Federal health care programs, exclusion review has become a greater priority. Under some government imposed integrity agreements the government has imposed that all employees, staff, and vendors be checked within 90 days of the agreement, and any expense incurred cannot be charged on the cost report. Furthermore, the OIG is now able to impose civil money penalties (CMP’s) for misconduct related to Federal health care programs.

SanctionCheck Features

Individual or batch searches

Batch results available in minutes

128-bit Encryption for confidential information

No equipment to purchase, install, or maintain

Generate Statistical Analysis Reports

View contacts form the agency imposing exclusion

View historical data for batch searches

Robust Search Engine for finding exclusions

Data Sources *

Department of Commerce, Defense, Justice, and State

Food and Drug Administration

Office of Diversion Control

Office of Inspector General

Office of Research Integrity 

System for Award Management 

U.S. Treasury 

US Department of Health and Human Services 

Medicare Opt-Out Lists

State Medicaid Lists

* This is an abbreviated list of the SanctionCheck data sources.
Contact us for a complete list.

ComplianceLine: One stop Solution for your Exclusion Screening

All too often, we see businesses in our current regulatory environment being levied with heavy fines because they don’t have sufficient sanction screening processes in place and unknowingly contract with excluded individuals. Sadly, some of these health organizations were wasting time and money by conducting searches incorrectly (therefore out of compliance) or paying a provider which is more focused on a paid invoice than doing the work needed to properly avoid a civil monetary penalty.

You can help protect your business against this threat with ComplianLine’s range of SanctionCheck services to search and compare your employees and vendors against the OIG LEIE Databases Online and over 100 other databases. A comprehensive and detailed identity check can guarantee you take the right steps to protect your patients, your reimbursement, and your reputation.

Providers need to routinely (monthly) check an exclusion screening database to ensure that new hires and current employees are not on putting you at risk of civil monetary penalties. Screening with ComplianceLine’s SanctionCheck online sanction screening database and expert service can be a relatively simple process that involves uploading an individual’s name or list of names and completing a search. In the event that a provider determines they have employed an individual on the list, they must separate that person from employment (or other affiliated service) or otherwise ensure patients are not being cared for by excluded individuals.

At ComplianceLine we provide an easy and inexpensive solution to the complex problems associated with screening and verifying that none of your employees have been excluded from the OIG, SAM, or other exclusion lists. All you have to do is identify who must be screened and provide some basic information on each, and we can conduct the entire process on your behalf (SancitonCheck Full Service) and clear your list each month!

How are you handling today's ever evolving exclusion review process?

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A reliable, quality, reporting system is integral in providing an effective compliance program. ComplianceLine™ supports employees by providing a system to effectively voice concerns regarding potential misconduct on compliance concerns and other regulatory issues, free from fear of retribution, by assisting them with constructive independent means of identifying and resolving their concerns.

ComplianceLine™ services tailor the calling process to “keep the door open” while maintaining the anonymity throughout the call back process. ( *All callers may elect to remain anonymous. )