• Mandated since October 9, 2018 for New York State
  • April 1, 2019 requirements began for for NYC
  • Fully compliant program available immediately, deployable in 2-3 days


  • All employers with employees working in New York State
  • All employees and non-employees (e.g. contractors)
  • All employees have access to the reporting portal 24/7
  • Set up routing rules based on supervisor/employee relationship


  • NY State’s 201-6 requires specific and robust protocols around sexual harassment prevention
  • Properly prohibit, provide examples of, and train to drive prevention and reporting
  • Supply compliant form, procedures, and specific information
  • Clearly explain enforcement commitment and retaliation protection

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What You Get

ComplianceLine’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Solution includes the following: Policies, Oversight and Communication Tools: model policy templates, editable for your business needs

Straight-forward, Transparent Pricing

Online Reporting Portal: Custom incident intake portal available 24/7

HR Tools: Analytics for management and reporting of cases

Integrated Incident Management: web-based incident management to house all reported incidents (web, in-person, phone) with option for anonymous reporting;

Sexual Harassment Training: model training for Anti-Sexual Harassment Initiatives