Slide Compliance Training and Communications
Expert, scalable, and customized training modules delivered on any LMS.

Select, customize, and create the right course for your audience on every topic

Countless scientific studies show the comparative effectiveness of interactive, engaging, relevant, and updated e-learning courses versus old-school text-heavy slides with a voice-over.

Leverage our robust library of world class content. Or increase relevancy when you overlay your own policies, local culture, and stories for a custom learning experience.

Modern Compliance Courses

Move past compilation and administration to focus on
training effectiveness

Your training efforts are a critical element in your overall compliance effectiveness. But as you try to do more, it seems there’s always a hitch that slows you down: clunky content requests, cumbersome platform administration, or inviting and tracking completion across platforms.

With ComplianceLine’s integrated Training & Communication solutions you can count on:

  • Easily selected content from a robust learning library
  • Direct integration with our core or your existing LMS
  • Multiple options to customize and integrate course content into your other efforts
  • Easy invitations, reminders, and tracking of learner completion rates.
  • Generate reports according to course or department and access these reports through our web or mobile reporting functionality.
  • Enhanced effectiveness with Issue Management integration and micro-learning refresher options

Engaging learning, not just force-fed trainings.

With ComplianceLine you get comprehensive compliance training

You can keep yours or use our Award-winning LMS

  • Launch on our integrated learning management system, or tie our library directly into your existing system.
  • All courses can be distributed with user-level invites, progress tracking, and auditable completion rates.
  • Use the best trainings integrated directly into whatever system works best for your compliance leadership.

A true extension of your team

Our team has the lowest turnover in the industry

Content is King

  • The right policies and lessons only make a difference if learner’s pay attention to and remember them.
  • Access a comprehensive Library with both continually updated relevance and lessons expertly crafted to drive engagement.
  • Compound your effectiveness by integrating policy and incident examples directly into lessons.

Engaging Training, Empowering Data

  • With curated, attention-grabbing lessons you can focus on managing outcomes.
  • Easily audit and report on participation and completion for every module.
  • Integrate with and cross-reference against incident reports and amplify your ROI across several compliance tools.

We simplify the intake process

Helping in Every Way We Can