The Challenge

Most people you want to report misbehavior have more internet-connected devices than phones. ComplianceLine’s secure, adaptable, and anonymous-capable web reporting portal empowers your entire employee base to contribute to compliance progress 24/7 from mobile, tablet, PC, or any device with a browser.

The Solution

Build a comprehensive awareness and transparency program with the flexibility and security of a dynamic web portal that accepts document uploads and can be configured to collect the information you need. The important information your team needs to take action effectively and efficiently can only make an impact if you know about it.

What You Get

A secure third-party online portal allows people to report misbehavior, policy violations, or other more specific activities you want to know about-all customized with your logo, welcome message, code of conduct, and more. Critically, the dynamic platform is part of an integrated solution so all reported issues, including via our Helpline (phone) and MyCM (your office), are aggregated and reported on from one case management system.


Service Excellence

Interactions and questions your way. Put your reporting parties at ease with clear, customized information about your program expected to follow up, and the values that drive your mission forward.



Structured fields for fast follow up. Avoid the partial info from email or other unstructured intake methods and collect key information (location, category) and fields that allow your team to follow up promptly.


Peace Of Mind

One platform for all users. Easily compile reports from the web into your existing workflows with intelligent assignment routing, optional severity escalation, and a range of system integration options so you can focus.