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Why ComplianceLine is the company praised by our clients and revered by our competitors.

As most Compliance Officers and Human Resource Professionals know, there are many companies out there that offer compliance support. Let us help you understand one of the main reasons why you can stop your search right here and partner with ComplianceLine!

Let’s take a look at why ComplianceLine is the company praised by our clients and revered by our competitors.

Our clients talk about how great ComplianceLine service is.
When you see people sitting on a window ledge talking, it’s possible they’re discussing how great service from ComplianceLine is.

Did you know that ComplinaceLine has the lowest turnover rate of Risk Specialists/Risk Analysts (hotline operators) in the industry? That’s right! Our front-line Risk Specialists/Risk Analysts have the longest tenure in the industry. ‘Why is this important?’ you ask. Since our company focus is fully on compliance, all of our experience is in handling high-acuity compliance issues. Our team knows how to corral the frustrated/passionate/irate caller, focuses the meandering narrative, and cuts out the fluff to get to the ‘heart of the issue’ by answering: Who, What, Where, When. Then following up with pointed questions tailored to the situation reported and the risks relevant to your company, industry, and culture.

Why does this matter to you? With our adaptive
interview style (vs. the restricted and scripted competitor style), ComplianceLine will capture a properly categorized, actionable report for you to start your investigation. Not only that, our standard service includes Risk Analysts and Quality Assurance teams to review each report (vs. infrequent sampling by competitors) before it is sent to you. We are looking to ensure content is correct and that proper grammar and format is used. Quality is our focus to safeguard against any misunderstanding of the incident, and create the most accurate audit trail for your company. Clarity from ComplianceLine means you can take action on a report instead of scratching your head and re-interviewing a reporting party (wasting your time and causing additional frustration for whoever reported it – if you can get a hold of them!).

Don’t just take our word for it…here is what some of our current customers have to say about their experience with ComplianceLine.

Your service is the real reason we decided not to go anywhere else. Your team is stellar.

T.P., Dir. of Patient Safety

We have higher confidence in CL than other vendors. The person who handled our test call did a fantastic job.

J.B., Assoc. Gen. Counsel

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