Code of Conduct Review Benefits

  • Articulate your values and define your culture
  • Provide clarity and alignment
  • Comply with regulations
  • Ensure topics are relevant and updated
  • Drive engagement and lower risk

Don’t Just Paste Your Code of Conduct on the Wall.  Breathe Life into It.

Reinforce Your E&C foundation

The foundation of every successful ethics and compliance program is a thoughtful Code of Conduct that reinforces your organization’s commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and ethical environment.

Each appendage of your E&C program — from your incident intake, to how you categorize reports, what you train on, and what topics you raise awareness around — should all be rooted in your Code of Conduct.

Compete in this Awareness Economy

Do it right and put your strengths to work.

Make it Yours

Your Code of Conduct should embody your organization’s unique ethos and culture, while providing the guidance to your team that helps clarify both your ethics and compliance goals and drive the behavior you desire. Our team will work alongside you to customize the look and feel of your Code of Conduct to separate from the pack and turn it into a tool to drive strategic change.

Engagement is Key

Code of Conduct delivery and engagement is a critical element that determines its ultimate effectiveness. because if people are not engaged, then the Code is useless. Your revised Code of Conduct will be provided to your team electronically, and will be designed to drive engagement with 20+ years of behavioral sciences behind the approach.

Refresh your awareness and engagement plan