Scalable automation and intelligent algorithms enable you to scale conversations while keeping your human touch.

A company-wide dedication to customer satisfaction will waste budget and struggle to retain customers without insight into what customers experience, desire, and feel. Leverage our next-generation technology and precisely scoped engagement tools to power your customer journey.

  • Comprehensively address, reply to, and discover all your customer responses by cohort, topic, department, and importance, so nobody feels ignored
  • Human-centric workflows automate high volume tasks to reduce delays and bottlenecks, so customers feel heard
  • Full-stack analytics and multivariate custom reports drive improved customer retention and Long Term Value that propels your ability to deliver customer success

Tap Into the Inner Genius of Your Customers

By lowering barriers to customer collaboration engagement you open an authentic conversation that builds relationships.

  • Effortlessly compile responses from in-person, phone, and digital feedback channels
  • Worldwide 24/7/365 customer engagement interviews with a unique adaptive interview is always live in over 200 languages
  • Drive engagement across every device with messaging the represents your brand with sincerity
  • Custom disclosure sets and adaptive detail enable precision without the manual effort
  • Scalable and automated proactive engagement campaigns build trust and strengthen brand relationships
  • Automation algorithms built for cross-functional (operations, quality, customer success, marketing) collaboration complete routine tasks without human intervention or error
  • Analytics for trends, risks, and benchmarking delivered through automated and on demand reports turn data into informed decisions

Minimize your learning curve

Share Data, Fuel Collaboration, and Make Faster Decisions across Departments

  • Unlimited users, seamless external integrations, and Smart Teams © automations let everyone on the team listen to the Voice of the Customer
  • Unlimited configuration allows the system to adapt to your team, match to your product, and support your OKRs
  • Minimizes your learning curve and launch timeline to integrate findings into product roadmaps and service adaptations in record time.
  • Customer insights magnified by experienced analysts, next generation automation, and transformational expertise at your disposal.

Turn Buyers into Family and Personalize Every Customer Interaction

  • Fight against mistrust, bad reviews, and customer churn with thoughtful interaction and on-brand messaging
  • Invite your most active, vocal, and influential customers to collaborate with you through more frictionless interactions
  • Turn marketing promises and company aspirations into impactful solutions by understanding what matters most to customers
  • Select from professional, personal, and high tech response channels that amplify your strategic priorities through omnichannel listening

Understand what matters most to customers

Know Thy Customer

Positively serve your customer community

Gain the Insights to Inform Thoughtful Corporate Citizenship

  • Board-ready reports at your fingertips transform presentation from anecdotal suggestions into data-driven plans for improvement
  • With better information and efficiently automated processes customer insight becomes the strategic compass to deliver amazing service and positively serve your customer community
  • With all-inclusive support, expert advice, and the lowest barriers to engagement in the industry, you can demonstrate clear ROI while driving more effective real-time customer success

Don’t Wait for Your Competitors to React to the Trends that are Redefining Your Market

  • Categorize issues, collect validated information, and request specific details based on adaptive algorithms to gain powerful clarity.
  • Collaborate with customers and internal departments to  successfully transform strategic elements of your go-to-market strategy
  • Launch focused and robust campaigns to discover and address customer priorities like Ease of Use, Service Expectations, and Feature Feedback
  • Proactively request information, collaboration, and customers concerns online, offline, anytime

Launch focused and robust campaigns

Maximize your visibility into the data you rely on

Customers Expect More Every Day, and it’s up to You to Meet those Expectations or Lose the Relationship

  • Powerfully summarize, investigate, and analyze information contributed by delighted, frustrated, and indifferent customers with advanced analytics
  • Stop relying on expensive focus groups and overpriced consultants with vague anecdotes to inform customer-facing priorities. Get automated, ad hoc, and custom reports from a single source of truth for all your customer issues.
  • You can’t wait for a care-less vendor to care about the data you need. Join with a true extension of your team who focus on serving your needs and your success by maximizing your visibility into the data you rely on.

Helping in Every Way We Can