Ethical companies have advantages over competitors driven by culture, reputation, and stakeholder satisfaction. 

The impact of HR and Ethics & Compliance teams on their organizations can sometimes be viewed by outsiders as ambiguous or intangible. However, the importance of these teams becomes clearer when the impact of strong ethics and compliance functions can be tied directly to healthier organizations, more satisfied stakeholders, and actual outperformance relative to peers.
Our incident intake by specialized E&C-trained analysts and full-service case management platform allow organizations of all types and sizes to identify risks, preserve an ethical culture, and separate from the pack.

Preventing Corporate Fraud and Corruption is an Amorphous Challenge.

On average, organizations lose approximately 5% of revenues annually to fraud and corruption, and that ignores the penalties, fines, and settlements that often result from these actions.

ComplianceLine is the Only Company Built by Ethics and Compliance Professionals for Ethics and Compliance Professionals

Our foundation and strict focus on ethics and compliance has allowed us to develop thoughtful solutions that truly meet and anticipate the needs of organizations large and small, domestic and international.

We develop thoughtful solutions

Ethical Companies Generate Almost
10% Higher Returns than Counterparts

Our in-house team helps you take action

Get the Full Story

Unfortunately, incident reports don’t fit into little, convenient boxes. Each one is different and some can be very complex with multiple parties, dates, locations, etc. Our in-house team of E&C only intake analysts employ a true adaptive interview to get to the heart of complex incidents so you can take action when you receive the report.

Common Sense Issue Intake

Reinforce your culture of transparency by providing your people with intake that makes sense:

  • 24/7/365 domestic and international access across all channels:
    • Phone
    • Web
    • Text
    • Face-to-face
  • Live answer/No call queues lowers report abandonment rate
  • Never-outsourced! Specially trained ethics and compliance analysts handle all reports in-house
  • Fully anonymous communication available

Fully anonymous communication available

Track all your active and historical cases

Flexible Case Management

Our flexible, full-service case management platform lets you manage and track all your active and historical cases your way

  • Custom workflows
  • Everything in one place
  • Real-time
  • Track custom categories, locations, people involved
  • Track substantiation
  • Full analytics stack with custom reporting available

ComplianceLine Clients Close Cases Between 25% and 63% Faster than Competitors’ Solutions.

Our web intake is simple

Lower Report Abandonment

The more cumbersome the intake process, the higher the abandonment rate regardless of channel. We have studied behavioral science and crafted our intake methods to target the pain points that drive abandonment. That is why our web intake is simple and we answer all calls live with no call queues.

See Around the Curve

Adaptive and bespoke analytics let you identify systemic risks sooner and anticipate problems before they cause damage. Flexible tracking of custom categories, locations, severities, substantiations, and individual parties lets you identify root causes and toxic environments/people more quickly.

Identify root causes and toxic environments

Get actionable information to drive an ethical culture

Fight the Corruption

Battling corruption and fraud is a constant battle that requires flexible solutions that respond to the changing landscape, while focusing on the main thing — providing you with tools that get actionable information to drive an ethical culture.