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Use Video for Compliance Training

The way you present your compliance training content can make or break it’s effectiveness. Participants will gloss over the information without any retention effort if it’s not engaging. It’s easy to increase their retention by making the content more visually appealing.

Don’t think of your presentation as a glorified PowerPoint, or participants will click through each slide with the goal of seeing how fast they can get to the end of it. You want them to actually connect with your content so that they not only comprehend the information but retain it for later use.

When it comes to getting people to absorb the content, aesthetics matter. You want to craft a presentation that looks professional and modern so they want to engage and interact with it.

It’s time to ditch those dated slides from 1997. Brighten up your compliance training with 21st-century video.

Keep Training Videos Short

use video for compliance training

Content consumption in bite-sized pieces is a great way to engage viewers and help them understand the content. 90 seconds or less is the perfect duration for video segments within your course. Any longer than that and you risk losing your audience. Short videos also makes content more digestible and more easily articulated.

Videos should also have quick cuts from scene to scene. Avoid using a single individual talking on screen for the duration of the video as this becomes too much like a lecture and the watcher’s attention will begin to wander. Try starting with one person talking in front of the camera and then quickly cut to a slide that contains key points.

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Fight for Audience Attention

It’s no secret that attention spans are dropping. A 2018 Microsoft study found that the average human attention span dropped to 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in the year 2000.

Breaking up the content presentation keeps participants on their toes and continually grabs their attention as the format changes. Instead of using one long presentation that trudges along slowly, break up the monotony with occasional videos, infographics, or other visual cues.

Create Believability

Participants are good at picking up authenticity, and really good at spotting inauthenticity. People are far more likely to learn content when it’s delivered from a source that they perceive as credible. One effective method is a newscast-style presentation. It enhances authenticity because it’s a familiar way for learners to receive credible information.

The content of your newscast can also be fun and playful. You can keep viewers engaged with a bit of sensationalized language from your newscaster (in typical newscaster fashion) while presenting each compliance topic in an informative way.

Create Believability

Create Confidence

The goal of your training is not just for employees to retain information, it’s to empower them with confidence moving forward. They need to feel secure in knowing that the course content is relevant, not asking too much from them, and that they can carry out the training without interference in their daily workflow. It’s important to design your training to stress the importance of the content, but also remain respectful of your employees’ time with short, concise videos.

By giving participants a course that’s entertaining and visually stimulating, you increase the chances that they will retain information and feel empowered.

Your design choices, when paired with great content, will determine how much value your participants get from their compliance training. If you manage this correctly, your team will feel more prepared and equipped to handle potential compliance questions that may arise.

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How to Update Your Compliance Training

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